White Space Poetry Project

Same Page. Same Stage.

An award-winning film, poetry anthology, and community celebrating collaborations between hearing and deaf artists around the world.


Summer Brings Great News

The Spring brought more international debuts and partnerships with K-12 schools and colleges to bring the magic of White Space Poetry Project to more audiences.  We are excited to welcome our supporters to our new internet home and the glorious new developments ahead.

In August we will release our long awaited poetry collection, White Space Poetry Anthology, and hope to make our film, White Space, available worldwide soon.

The anthology brings the unique commitment to challenging the mainstream approach to collaborations between deaf and hearing artists by including the work of award-winning talent from around the world along side new poets from diverse backgrounds.  When we began our journey four years ago, we moved forward on the belief that cross-cultural collaborations were possible.  It's exciting to share our progress and the revelation that the work continues as hearing communities, especially those in the arts, become more aware of deaf artists and their contributions to poetry, art and film.


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