White Space Poetry Project

Same Page. Same Stage.

An award-winning film, poetry anthology, and community celebrating collaborations between hearing and deaf artists around the world.


White Space Poetry Project Performance at the Loft in Minneapolis, MN

White Space Poetry Project was born in response to the lack of images of deaf artists, specifically poets, within the mainstream world of film and literary arts. Historically, deaf artists’ voices have been absent from the larger mainstream conversations within the worlds of independent film and poetry. 

While a thriving arts community exists within the Deaf World, the average hearing audience member has not been exposed to the scope or vibrant diversity of the work of deaf artists unless they have a personal tie (family member or friend) to the Deaf Community.

With our film, White Space, and our poetry collection, White Space Poetry Anthology, we exist to create collaborations between hearing and deaf artists in a variety of community settings, including colleges and universities, as well as K-12 schools.  


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