White Space Poetry Project

Same Page. Same Stage.

An award-winning film, poetry anthology, and community celebrating collaborations between hearing and deaf artists around the world.


A beautiful uniting of various voices all puzzling over, considering, claiming, celebrating, altering the idea of white space, of emptiness, of how to communicate, and make that communication something of value, something we might call beautiful. Read this book. Then read it again.
— Deborah Keenan

White Space Poetry Anthology

White Space Poetry Project (2014) 


We believe that deaf and hearing poets can commingle on the page as well as the stage and big screen, so we've assembled a lovely collection of poetry, creative non-fiction, and art, exploring white space featuring the work of both deaf and hearing artists. 

White Space Poetry Anthology is a brave collection of poetry and art featuring the work of deaf and hearing poets and artists from White Space Poetry Project.  Experimental works, by some of America's hottest award-winning and new talent including Raymond Luczak, Kristen Ringman, Randall Horton, Phillip B. Williams, Su Smallen and Bianca Spriggs, explore both literal and metaphorical white space and its sonic relationship to the page. 

For classroom use, we encourage educators to order a copy and use your discretion when teaching the work, as some poems are more suited to readers 14+.  


Tara Lee Bautista

Sandy Beach

Destiny Birdsong

Ed Bock

Karen Christie

Douglas Despres 

Chiyuma Elliott

Kimberly Eridon

Rachel Fogarty-Oleson

Jessica Fox-Wilson

Hafizah Geter

Daniel O. Harris

Christopher Heuer

Randall Horton

Ashaki M. Jackson

Khary Jackson 

Autumn Joy Jimerson

Haley Lasché

Jill Lombardi




Raymond Luczak

Meghan Maloney-Vinz

Zendrea Mitchell

Marisa Quinn 

Kristen Ringman 

Curtis Robbins 

Sarah Roesler Conbere 

Su Smallen 

Bianca Spriggs 

Kelli Stevens Kane 

Matthew Stranach 

Michelle Whittaker

Donna Williams 

Phillip B. Williams 

Keith Wilson 

L. Lamar Wilson 

Renee Zepeda


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